What others have to say

‘Jo is a very positive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter, artist and educator. She has taught us more than anything to respect ourselves and the art we do, and believe we will succeed. Thank you Jo.’

‘I encourage anyone who’s serious about making money from their art to seek out Jo’s wealth of knowledge. I’ve implemented almost everything she taught me, now know my target market and my direction, have completed my branding, the clarity is empowering!’

‘Jo gave me not just good information but also very good energy/inspiration for the future! Thank you for giving me a feeling of confidence and belief in myself to succeed.’

‘Really good reality based presentation, good motivation and ideas – simple and to the point.’

‘A very comprehensive, yet gently-led day. I appreciate your life coach type of mentoring. Many thanks for your care.’

‘Thank you for your guidance and information, my head is just buzzing!’

‘Thank you Jo, very informative and encouraging, full steam ahead. Great size group, loved the interaction.’

‘An interesting, fun and interactive day that really gave me a great foundation to think about my arts practice and ways to grow myself and my business.’

‘Thanks so much Jo, wonderful information to give me the direction I need in my business.’

‘So very grateful for the expertise and wealth of knowledge. What a blessing you’ve been, thank you.’

‘First workshop with Jo, loved it very informative and left me with plenty to think about.’

‘Thank you Jo, you have given me permission to go forth and proceed as an artist in a more professional and confident manner. You have answered questions and also answered what I have never even thought to ask.’

‘Excellent info for today’s artist’s or creator’s – well delivered valuable and relevant information.

‘Love your transparency Jo, such a wealth of information. Thank you for sharing.’

‘Good overview of structures required. Very helpful for starting out, many thanks.’

‘At last! Someone who can cut through the twaddle.’

‘Very informative, filling me with confidence and ideas for the future!’

‘If you want to grow and learn – attend one of Jo’s workshops!’

‘I wish you were in my life sooner!’